$7.3 Million in Civil Asset Forfeitures to go to NY Prisoners for College Courses

As part of a plan first announced in January 2014, Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s administration is earmarking more than $7 million dollars for New York state colleges – Cornell University, Mercy College, and Medaille College among them – in grants in order to offer courses to prisoners in several facilities around the state. Dubbed “Attica University”,

Trump Doubles Down on Despotism, Alienates Libertarians

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: This weekend, President Trump dug deeper into what his authoritarian rhetoric foreshadowed. The “Law and Order President” professed his love for civil asset forfeiture, promising to normalize and defend it. He even went as far to threaten to destroy politicians’ careers if they tried to abolish the unconstitutional practice. As