Deconstructing the Deconstruction- Postmodernism’s Effect on US Politics

Written by Eric Lough Postmodernism, as it reluctantly likes to be defined as, focuses on the deconstruction of “truths” while trying show the importance of knowledge in power relationships. The goal of the Postmodernists seek to deconstruct society’s labels. Michel Foucalt, 20th century philosopher, the father of postmodernism, emphasized personal identity over societal identity by

Why Conservatives Are The Target Demographic for Libertarians

Written by Justin Moldow  Justin is the founder of  This article was originally published at To read, click here. When it comes to marketing, there are two integral factors that we must take into account: you need to have a knowledge of your product, and a knowledge of your consumers. In order to have a knowledge

Is Liberal Political-Correctness Getting In The Way Of Dealing With Islamic Jihad?

Libertarian Republic editor Austin Petersen appeared on the Sun News Network to discuss the US Department of State endorsing a controversial anti-terror handbook that refers to jihad as “noble.” The book, United Against Terrorism, was controversial enough that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police rejected it, but the State Department’s official anti-terror Twitter page linked to