Lana Del Ray’s Stalker Posted About Her Often, And It’s The Stuff Of Nightmares

Follow on Facebook or Twitter Florida Man Michael Hunt (We get the name joke) was arrested outside of Lana Del Ray’s concert at Amway Center in Orlando. He was booked in suspicion of attempted kidnapping with a weapon and aggravated stalking. Hunt had a knife in his possession. A tip was called in to the

When Laws Go Awry: How the American Flag Got Banned

At Arlington National Cemetery, the most ceremonial of grounds in the United States, it is illegal to wave or bear the American flag- outside of a recognized official ceremony. The home of The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, is no longer a place where total freedom of expression is permitted. In an attempt to keep the

Woman on Scooter Shoplifts Dinner While Rolling Through Walmart

Written by Crystal Byrd Josseleen E. Lopez was arrested in Florida after rolling dirty through Walmart aisles throwing back a bottle of wine and some snacks. Josseleen told deputies she had just injected methamphetamine and was hungry. I would like to take a moment and say that while I do not endorse the use of

We want a wall! – Says Mexico???

By Crystal Byrd In a rather comedic turn of events, Mexico has decided that a wall along the Mexican border is a fantastic idea. Illegal immigration is indeed a very serious problem and needs to be curbed. Immigrants who cannot find reputable work often turn to a life of crime to pay the bills, victimizing

Medical Marijuana Is Reducing Prescription Drug Use And Corporations Are Pissed

By: Dave Cox Follow Dave at and on Twitter @FairlaneDaveCox If you’re looking for an example of the misguided nature of big government, the drug war and corporatism, look no further than the medical marijuana. In a new article from The Washington Post, research has shown that prescriptions for painkillers and anti-anxiety medication are

Parents Charged After Giving Baby Handgun To Put In Her Mouth

An Evansville couple were charged with child neglect on Friday after police discovered cell phone video that allegedly showed a 12-month-old putting a .40-caliber handgun in her mouth.

Tourist Gets Slapped With $30,000 Fine For Vandalizing The Colosseum

A Russian tourist was slapped with a $30,000 fine for engraving a big letter “K” on the outside of the Colosseum in Italy. The 42-year-old man was given a summary judgment of the fine and a suspended four year jail sentence. The tourist was spotted using a pointed stone to carve the letter which was

Watch Ferocious Guard Dog Chasing Down Man Trespassing On Private Property

Video from South Africa has emerged of a man getting swift justice from a ferocious guard dog protecting it’s owner’s private property. The obviously cracked out loser was poking around where he didn’t belong and got busted by the super pooch, who chases him over the fence in this hilarious video. The action begins around

Thief Squirts Her Breast Milk To Throw Off Pursuers

A woman in Germany is accused of squirting her breast milk at employees of a store she robbed. The woman apparently was attempting to distract the staff from pursuing her after she grabbed 100 euros and fled. From the Local:  The mother entered the store at 4.25pm and asked to buy a breast pump, police

Report: Female High School Teachers Had Threesome With Student

Fox 43 is reporting that two high school English teachers in Kenner, Louisiana allegedly had a threesome with one of their students. From WGNO: Police say that 32-year-old Shelley Dufresne and 24-year-old Rachel Respess met with a student from their school after a football game, and the three went back to Respress’ home to engage