Babes for Trump Vs. Babes for Liberty Dating Websites Shake Up Political Scene [Liberty Onion]

By: Kevin Enilc Men and women alike rejoiced this week as #TrumpGirlsBreaktheInternet went viral and the ongoing Twitter feud between @BabesForTrump and our own @babesofliberty showered news feeds with scantily clad ladies supporting Donald Trump for President vs. Libertarianism. Single Liberty Lovers and Trumpeteers alike were left wondering “What next?” Many were surprised to find

CONFESSION: I Dated a Tumblr SJW Feminist and Barely Survived

By: Kevin Enilc Kelly was normal at first, as far as liberal college girls go. I met Kelly in my Colonization to Civil War American History class, and I thought she was uniquely beautiful. Short, dark hair, intensely dark eyes, and the deepest dimples I’ve ever seen. After a couple of weeks of awkward flirting