Here Is The Unclassified FISA Memo

The President of the United States released the controversial FISA memo to the public today. Here it is. Source

Two Weeks of Nuclear Brinkmanship By Two Irrational Men

It’s been a hectic two weeks of dick-measuring and saber rattling between the leaders of two countries with nuclear arsenals. Whether they’ve been playing a complicated game of multi-dimensional chess, talking tough for domestic consumption, or merely making up for small stature or small… hands… it’s hard for the world to ignore the brinkmanship. The

Donald Trump Jr Admits Campaign Collusion, World Implodes

In a late-morning tweet on Tuesday, Donald Trump Jr., son of the President of the United States, tweeted what may be his father’s demise. He released screengrabs of emails that admit the Trump campaign conspired to work with the Russian government to help win the election last year. Of course, the emails were released begrudgingly,

You Won’t Believe where President Donald Trump’s First Quarter Salary Donation Went

President Donald Trump had promised, at least as far back as September 2015, not to receive a salary as President. On September 17th, at a town hall meeting in Rochester, New Hampshire, he said: “The first thing I’m going to do is tell you that if I’m elected President, I’m accepting no salary, OK?.” Following

Covfefe: The Internet Reacts to President Trump’s Midnight Twitter Gibberish

Written By: Squiggly Line Guy Follow on Twitter: @CallMeSquiggly Follow on Facebook: Squiggly Line Guy The world scratched their heads as Donald Trump took to Twitter on Wednesday morning just after midnight eastern time. President Trump tweeted out an incomplete sentence, with an unusual soon to be word, Covfefe. Almost two hours later the tweet

How Would Daenerys Targaryen Destroy Kim Jong-Un?

Written by David Fisher Contributor What would Daenerys do? We love stories like Game of Thrones, but ignore the symbolism to our own lives. We enjoying watching characters break their chains and claim their freedom, but we assume real humans are powerless to do the same. All humans deserve freedom and must stop deferring their

Tomi Lahren Announces 2020 Bid For First Lady

Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor of The Libertarian Republic & Liberty Viral The following is a satirical article. After recently re-gaining control of her Facebook page, Tomi Lahren has announced that she will be seeking the position of First Lady for the 2020 elections. “After our great president showed something that President Obama never did, strength,

Trump Skips Baseball Tradition [Video]

Written by Jimmy Mahaney Contributor President Donald Trump is skipping a baseball tradition to start off the season. Every president has thrown the first pitch since 1910. Check out the video below for more information on the tradition and Trump’s decision. For more LibertyViral News, follow and subscribe to LibertyViral on Twitter and Facebook

Trump Donates First Quarter of Salary to National Parks Service

In an interesting move, on Monday afternoon, Sean Spicer announced that President Donald Trump will be donating the first quarter of his salary to the National Parks Service. Trump had formerly stated that he would be donating his salary, but he never got more specific as to exactly here the money would go. Many people

BREAKING: Liberty Viral is Fake News

In an unusual and wildly unexpected event, the popular Libertarian culture and news site Liberty Viral has broken the story that Liberty Viral is in fact, fake news. Meme and satire lovers across the internet expressed their disappointment and outrage when Liberty Viral recently reported that McDonald’s took a swipe at President Trump. Rightfully, readers