5 Reasons Bernie Sanders is the Ultimate Ass-hat

Written By Katrina Ronneburg Libertarians have known for a long time that Bernie Sanders is economically illiterate and lacks business experience. That didn’t stop us from saying that he’s at least principled and may be doing the wrong things for the right reasons. WRONG! Here is why Bernie Sanders is the ultimate ass-hat and morally

Libertarians are Liberty’s Worst Nightmare

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Written By Crystal Byrd Libertarians, we need to talk. We have a problem. We need to have a heart to heart and you need to hear and absorb some hard truths. If you’re not the reading type there’s an easy chart at the bottom to give you the breakdown.  If

A Radically New Immigration Proposal

By: Justin Moldow When it comes to libertarianism, everyone seems to be split on the issue of borders. A large faction of libertarians believe that the United States-Mexican border should be left wide open for anyone to walk through, and a smaller faction believe that the border should be sealed off and protected. It is

The New Economy: Teacher Quits To Pursue Career Twerking, Makes Over $100K

A former assistant teacher heralded the new economy when she quit her job in order to perform twerking videos to make over $100k a year. 22-year-old Jessica Vanessa has more than two million followers on the video sharing site Vine. “What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a

Progressive: ‘Libertarian Reagonomics Caused the Rise of ISIS’

Progressive talk show host Thom Hartmann argued on Russia Today that ‘libertarian Reagaonomics’ fueled the rise of ISIS in the Middle East. Hartman believes that too much economic freedom is what sparked the revolutions that became known as Arab spring. However, the facts are that the Tunisian fruit seller who immolated himself and started the

This Photo Shows How Far $100 Goes Across The USA

The Tax Foundation put out an infographic which shows the relative value of $100 across the United States. If you’re living in NYC… it ain’t much! The Tax Foundation also put out a map which shows purchasing power broken down broken down to the city level. As you can see the orange colors signify where

Socialism: Shoppers In Venezuela Are Now Being Fingerprinted

President Maduro of Venezuela announced a mandatory fingerprinting program in supermarkets in order to supposedly combat shortages and smuggling. The socialist dictator doesn’t want people buying too much of a single item. The fingerprinting technique will only apply to certain items, which opponents of the plans say amounts to rationing and treats Venezuelans as thieves.

This Restaurant Is Charging Their Customers A “Minimum Wage” Fee

Owners of the Oasis cafe in Minnesota are charging their customers a 35 cent minimum wage fee to offset the cost of an increased minimum wage for tipped employees. From CBS: “You’re essentially blaming customers for the increase when you charge for it the way you do,” one customer wrote on Facebook. Another said: “It’s

Black Conservatives Get BLASTED At NAACP Convention For Advocating Liberty

FreedomWorks’ Deneen Borelli attended a convention of the NAACP and was read the riot act by a woman who was flabbergasted that they would dare to attend the rally. The woman yells at Borelli over the fact that she needed food stamps and welfare in order for her to be able to get ahead. Borelli’s

This Bar’s ‘Beer Stock Ticker’ Sells Alcohol According To The Laws Of Supply And Demand

Denizens of the bar at the Kalamazoo Beer Exchange are given a lesson in economics when they come to order a pint. A sign above the bar shows the price fluctuations of the beers, and the prices change according to how much of a certain kind of beer is being ordered. Randomly throughout the night,