A Timeline: The Fiery Collapse of the Career of Milo Yiannopoulos

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: We’re going on a journey- a journey not only of sight and of sound, but of Milo. Look, there’s a sign post up ahead! Next stop, the fiery collapse of Yiannopolos’ career.   The Prelude While the outrage is recent, the actual material for the outrage was recorded about a

Trump Doubles Down on Despotism, Alienates Libertarians

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: This weekend, President Trump dug deeper into what his authoritarian rhetoric foreshadowed. The “Law and Order President” professed his love for civil asset forfeiture, promising to normalize and defend it. He even went as far to threaten to destroy politicians’ careers if they tried to abolish the unconstitutional practice. As

My Message For my Fellow Libertarians

Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor  The Libertarian Party has just experienced it’s most successful election in it’s 45 year history. It’s nominee for president, Gary Johnson, received north of 4 million votes awarding him 3 percent of the national popular vote. Many see this as a victory – I do not. I see

Gary Johnson: Libertarians Upset About Weld Need to “Take a Chill Pill” [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura Recently, Libertarian vice presidential candidate Bill Weld said, “I’m here vouching for Hillary Clinton” in an interview with Rachel Maddow. READ MORE: Bill Weld says I’m Here Vouching for Hillary Clinton [VIDEO] At a campaign stop yesterday, Gary Johnson was asked how he felt about libertarians questioning their support of the ticket

Which Libertarian Personality Are You? [QUIZ]

Would you drink bourbon for breakfast? Do you get a lot of Facebook requests from creepers asking for your phone number? Are you more Mises or Hayek? Which libertarian celebrity are you? Take our test below to find out! [postriddle data_game=”//www.riddle.com/Personality/Embedded/303-Which+Celeb-ritarian+Are+You%3F+” data_width=”100%” data_height=”auto” data_recommendations=”true” data_share=”false” data_comments=”false” data_info=”false”]

These Are The Top 10 Libertarians Who Like Cuddling

Facebook’s a very interesting tool, and it shows you what people around the world like. Using their graph search technology, Facebook can tell you what people like in relation to their other interests. We hatched a study today based on people who like our website in order to find out what other things they enjoy. It

Are Cats Libertarians?

Ever heard the expression “herding cats?” People like to use that phrase to describe libertarians because the philosophy is highly individualistic. And so are cats! But are cats libertarians? Well, have you ever tried to tell a cat to do something? There’s been some debate amongst the libertarian community, with some people arguing that cats