BREAKING: Liberty Viral is Fake News

In an unusual and wildly unexpected event, the popular Libertarian culture and news site Liberty Viral has broken the story that Liberty Viral is in fact, fake news. Meme and satire lovers across the internet expressed their disappointment and outrage when Liberty Viral recently reported that McDonald’s took a swipe at President Trump. Rightfully, readers

McDonald’s Blasts Trump on Twitter; Wants Obama Back

An interesting tweet came out Thursday morning from the McDonald’s corporate twitter account. The account which is usually used to promote deals, acknowledge holidays, and other posts on par for a marketing type account took a left turn into the political arena. The tweet was left up for approximately 20 minutes before it was deleted,

McDonald’s Drive Thu Worker Jumps Through Window to Save Off Duty Cop and Her Family [VIDEO]

It was just a regular day at work for Pedro Viloria at a South Florida McDonalds on Tuesday morning. As one of his customers pulled up to his window she had no problem ordering and paying for her food. NBC 6 Miami News reports that when Viloria went to hand off her meal, he noticed the

This Lady Thought She’d Get Away With Slapping A Much Bigger Man In Public [VIDEO, POLL]

WorldStarHipHop has the story of a woman who slapped a man in McDonald’s and thought she’d get away with it. Video from a restaurant patron shows her angrily throwing food past the man and then slapping him in the face, before getting it right back. Do you think it’s ever OK to hit a woman,