North Korea Fires Four More Missiles

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Monday, according to the Associated Press, Pyongyang successfully tested four intermediate range missiles from its west coast across the peninsula, and into the Sea of Japan. This action, of course, is forbidden by the various world governments and has incited anger and frustration from regional neighbors. North Korea has become

Spy Games: Kim Jong-Un’s Brother’s Assassination Caught on Video

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Malaysian officials have released CCTV tapes from the airport where Kim Jong-Nam was poisoned. The video shows the North Korean dictator’s brother casually walking around the airport and checking departure schedules before stopping for a moment outside of a restaurant. There, one woman grabs the attention of Kim while another

Trump Makes Dennis Rodman Ambassador to North Korea

Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor of The Libertarian Republic & Liberty Viral Following some tense developments between the United States and North Korea, President Trump has elected to appoint Dennis Rodman to serve as the ambassador to North Korea. The president had a statement, “You look at Dennis, he’s one of the best. Everybody

Kim Jong-un Kills More Kin, Probably

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Kim Jong-nam, the love child of Kim Jong-il and a South Korean actress, is reported to have met a Hollywood-style fate in Malaysia. Jong-nam was allegedly poisoned in an airport by two needle-welding females, believed to be agents of the North Korean regime. Kim Jong-un and his state-controlled media has not

Kim Jong Un Visits Lube Factory, Says He Feels “Deep Emotion,” Stephen Colbert Responds

The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full Episodes,The Colbert Report on Facebook,Video Archive North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong Un recently visited the Chonji lubricant factory where he reportedly felt “deep emotion” while watching a huge vat of lube pump out of a hose. The Washington Post reports that Un praised his father, Kim Jong Il, for