Here Is The Unclassified FISA Memo

The President of the United States released the controversial FISA memo to the public today. Here it is. Source

CIA Hints at Regime Change in Venezuela Amidst Internal Chaos

As if the Venezuelans didn’t have enough to worry about. Dealing with the effects of the socialist Venezuelan government’s interventionist policies has burdened the populace to its breaking point. The Central Intelligence Agency is now hinting it will add more to their plate by intervening deeper into Venezuelan affairs. The CIA has been clear about U.S.

Blame the NSA for Ransom-ware Attacks

Last week, a ransom-ware attack, reminiscent of the infamous “WannaCry” or “WannaCrypt” malware, ravaged Europe and even effected localized areas in the US. The new virus, named “Petya” or cleverly “NotPetya,” for it’s similarity but distinguishability from a known virus by the name, has essentially shut down the strained Ukrainian government. Amid claims and actual

Celebrate Rand Paul’s 54th: Watch His 13 Hour Patriot Act Filibuster Here

Written by: Alex Furman Today Rand Paul turns 54, and to help celebrate who is perhaps Liberty’s most beloved US Senator, we present you Rand’s famous thirteen-hour filibuster of the Patriot Act reauthorization. This contributor remembers the very day of this momentous occasion. Notably, how I came to be curled up in front of an

Yahoo! Snoops Through Your Emails for the Government

Written by Kody Fairfield Co-Host of Liberty Coast 2 Coast   Follow on Twitter: @K0D_4 Today, we know about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) immense overreach into the private lives of American citizens, in direct violation of their 4th Amendment rights. What we were not aware of was the fact that private businesses are now

Dangerous Poetic Justice: NSA Hacked; Snowden Confirms

By: Jennifer Giorgi Follow Jennifer on Twitter @jejoagio Earlier this month, news broke that an obscure group of hackers, calling themselves “The Shadow Brokers,” hacked an NSA linked group. They released some of the NSA hacking tools they obtained and claimed to have more tools which would be available to the highest bidder in an auction.

UPDATE: Hex Code Tweet By Snowden Traces To Cryptic Bitcoin “911”

By: Liberty Laura On August 5, Edward Snowden tweeted a mysterious hex code with no explanation, as well as a tweet saying “It’s time.” Since then, both tweets have been deleted, and Snowden has not been active on social media for 6 days. Sputnik News suggests the hex code tweeted (pictured above) “traces to a

Jill Stein Makes Pledge To Grant Edward Snowden Full Pardon and Cabinet Position

By Grant Deltz Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein broke away from the political status-quo when she strongly advocated on behalf of Edward Snowden. She stands behind Snowden, the man who exposed the NSA, so much that she has not only decided to grant him a full pardon, but also a cabinet position. Dr. Stein

Glenn Greenwald Appears On Fox To Hint At His Next NSA Bombshell

Watch the latest video at Journalist Glenn Greenwald appeared on Fox News with Shep Smith to discuss his upcoming revelations about who the NSA has been targeting domestically.