Before You Hit & Run, Make Sure Your License Isn’t Imprinted On The Back Of The Vehicle

Reddit user Cybermessiah was the unfortunate recipient of a hit and run driver. Luckily their car was so dirty that the evidence of the crime will likely lead to an arrest. Cybermessiah posted the following photos to Reddit, saying that the car was hit by a drunk driver, who didn’t stay or leave a not,

The 20 Hottest Libertarian Ladies of 2015

Happy New Year creepertarians! Last year’s “20 Hottest Libertarian Women Alive” list was such a mega hit that we decided to update it for 2015. We worked hard to find a ton of new names and faces for you, but boy was it hard. There were so many to choose from! The struggle is real.

Ferry Freak Out! Hysterical Shrieking Banshee Screams At Ferry Employees [NSFW]

A woman who was involved in a verbal altercation with an employee at a ferry departure station threw a screaming hissy fit which was captured on camera. While the woman was obviously acting immature, at least she wasn’t violent. Everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves in public. And the rest

Naked Woman Rampages Through Gas Station [NSFW]

The stay-puft marshmallow woman went on a naked rampage through a gas station, and it’s full of epic win! We weren’t able to determine the location of the video, but would it be safe to assume it’s probably Florida? UPDATE: Our readers wrote in and informed us that this is in Norfolk, Virginia, not Florida.

This Lucky Guy Is Only Saved From Death Due To Some Kind of Miracle

Unbelievable dashcam video has emerged showing a man escaping a horrible death in the nick of time. The video rolls as a truck bears down on the man in icy weather. What happens next will blow your mind.

Probably A Bad Idea To Prank Your Wife By Acting Like You’re Killing Your Kid

A man is probably looking for a new wife after he played a prank on her where he acted like he was killing their child. Video from Roman Atwood shows the father playing with his child before he cleverly replaces it with a dummy. The father then kicks the child over the railing in front

This Simple Video Shows You How You Can Escape From Being Bound With Duct Tape

Andrea Canning of Dateline NBC produced a short video on how you can escape if you are ever bound in duct tape. Dateline offers this video bit to help people understand that it can be fairly simple to remove what some people have wrongly asserted is nearly indestructible. The photo in the picture above is

This Drunk Guy Fell Eight Stories Onto A Parked Car And Then… [VIDEO, NSFW]

Only in Russia ladies and gentlemen. A video from Russia shows why everyone thinks that these people are basically built out of wood and reanimated with lightning and the blood of grizzly bears. A drunk man fell off of an eight story building on top of a parked car, then he gets up and asks

Mysterious Predatory Glow Worm Discovered In Peru

A nature photographer found a mysterious predatory glow worm while taking pictures in the Peruvian jungle. The animal was spotted when Jeff Cremer discovered tiny little green pricks of light shining green in the night and brought them to the attention of local entomologists. Aaron Pomerantz, an entomologist who works with a rainforest expedition company

Watch Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time

Cut Video found three grandmas who supposedly had no experience with marijuana and decided to record them getting high for the first time. Then the filmmakers introduced them to cards against humanity. Sit back, watch and enjoy some of the funniest six minutes of candid video we’ve ever seen.