Here Is The Unclassified FISA Memo

The President of the United States released the controversial FISA memo to the public today. Here it is. Source

Mad Dog, Sir, Please Don’t Send Me To World War III

General Mattis, Sir, It is with overwhelming respect that I urge you not to take the U.S. to war with North Korea preemptively. When I was a very young boy, I had always wanted to be a marine, that being said, I’d still join the corps in a heartbeat to defend my country from a

Trump Extends Secret Service Detail to Protect His Emotions

Written by Grant M. Deltz (The following is a satirical article, not fake news) President Trump has recently extended the role of his Secret Service detail to protect his emotions as well as his livelihood. When asked about this change, Press Secretary Sean Spicer had the following to say, “Look, you have a great president who

PC Culture Creeps into America the Beautiful at Super Bowl LI [VIDEO]

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: Sunday evening, tens of millions of Americans watched Super Bowl LI as the New England Patriots came back from a 25 point deficit to beat the Atlanta Falcons in an overtime win. Recently in America, there has been great political unrest. Everywhere you turn there is some sort of political action

Trump Posts Tweet From Obama’s Twitter Account [PHOTO]

Written by Grant M. Deltz Associate Editor of Liberty Viral and The Libertarian Republic  At President Donald Trump’s Inauguration, we witnessed a peaceful transfer of power. However, it seems that the transfer of Twitter accounts may not be going as smoothly. This morning, a tweet from Former President Barack Obama’s Twitter account, @POTUS44, read, “I am honored to serve you,