Texas Legalizes Open Carry of Swords!

Written by Gage Fenwick Follow Gage on Facebook at Gage Fenwick, Libertarian Many claim that chivalry is dead in an age of immediate satisfaction. Dating apps such as Tinder, Grindr, etc. have only aided that perception. However, many forget that the majority of the rules of chivalry regard swordsmanship and dueling. A new law in Texas

Pennsylvania Man Kills Pregnant Wife With Sword; Cites ‘Hybrid Human Threat’

A Pennsylvania man charged with killing his pregnant wife with a sword told investigators he had to do so to save the world according to reports. John D. Ziegler III’s statements were revealed by investigators’ testimony during his preliminary hearing last week. Ziegler told investigators he had to destroy his wife Diana and their unborn

Red Power Ranger Goes Rogue; Pleads Guilty to Killing Roommate with Sword

Ricardo Medina Jr, Former Power Rangers Actor has pleaded guilty to killing his former roommate Joshua Sutter with a sword after allegedly engaging in an argument over Medina’s girlfriend. Medina initially claimed self defense over the incident which now happened over two years ago in their apartment in Green Valley, California. He has since stated that he