Pregnant Teen Tasered While NYPD Trespass in Her Home [VIDEO]

LISTEN TO TLR’S LATEST PODCAST: In an incredible act of courage and bravery, a squad of NYPD’s finest allegedly tasered a pregnant, and half handcuffed, teen. The kerfuffle ensued after the warrantless police officers insisted on entering the teens home and refused to leave. Watch the video below and let us know what you think

Man Rages on Cops After They Tased His Wife [VIDEO]

Written by Liberty Laura In an altercation with police, an officer tased a man’s wife. After she collapses, the man goes off on the cops. Check it out:

Vicious Cop Shatters Car Window, Tasers Peaceful Man

[youtube] by Ryan Lazarus: Wear your seat belt because if you get pulled over for not wearing it, your significant other might be viciously assaulted and your children in the back might be traumatized. Lisa Mahone was on her way to visit her deathly ill mother and was pulled over for not wearing her seat

High-Speed Taser Incident Teaches You: When You Run From Cops, You’d Better Commit!

A Hawaii man tried to outrun a police officer after being detained for having expired tags on his vehicle. The man gets tasered while running at full speed down the street after trying to evade the officer with a pause and a zig-zag. This just proves that if you’re actually going to run from police,