The BBC Predicts Possible Collapse of Civilization

The British Broadcasting Company has begun preaching the end of times. In a recent article by Rachel Nuwer, the celebrated news organization warns that some of the dominoes may have already begun to fall.

Normality seems to be melting away in 2017. The island nation that so well exemplifies dignity and class, the mother of our nation, and the birthplace of western parliamentary and congressional government is shaking in her boots. The winds of change are once more blowing over the world and the chill of the cold war seems to be back on us.

Nuwer explores many nightmare outcomes of real issues facing Europe. She explains how each could prelude the destruction of the western world by simply destabilizing the economic progress it is built on. The dust of Brexit is still settling and tensions are mounting between the United States and Russia. Immigration influxes, wealth inequality, and over-bureaucratization are running rampant, the situation in Europe is certainly becoming tumultuous. In these chaotic times it is comforting that red flags are being raised. A necessary part of democratic society is a rational fear that it could give way to tyranny. Opinions like this one have been common throughout the years but this dystopic vision is notably published by the typically level-headed and trusted folks at the BBC.

The practice of informed people, since the dawn of history, has been to relate the present to the tragedies of the past to prevent their repetition. Perhaps fearing that the notable silence leading up to and following the Great War might again lead the world into strife, the BBC isn’t being shy about their gloomy predictions. But the fear of the year isn’t of a world war or even a rash of political revolutions, but total societal collapse. The “prediction” piece relates the fate facing the free world today to none other than that of Rome, the fall of which was one of the most defining and upsetting times in the history of European culture. Constantly drawing parallels between US actions abroad and at home to the death troughs of the ancient empire, the article prescribes a tired call for strong and good-natured leaders to save the world. Without addressing the expanding power of government in ancient or modern times, calls for good leadership will always be calls for temporary breaks in a tyrannical fate. The illusory problems emerging from the neo-liberal world are being handled with the same degree of willful ignorance as always. More big government solutions to big government problems, and only bigger problems as a result.

Gavin Hanson

Gavin Hanson

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Gavin Hanson