Trump White House Calls China by Name of Rival Regime

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At the G20 conference in Hamberg Germany, over the weekend, Trump met with President Xi Jinping, President of China. But Trump’s staff’s official transcript of the occasion referenced Xi as the president of, unrecognized, Taiwan.

The difference between, what are often called the “two Chinas,” is semantic, one word precisely, but because of the political climate between the two, nomenclature is key. Referring to The People’s Republic of China as the Republic of China technically, by the omission of one word, could seem to acknowledge Taiwanese claims to the whole of mainland China. Maybe a stretch, maybe a pretty dangerous gaff.

Since the last Chinese civil war, concluding just after the end of WWII, the official situation has remained diplomatically hostile and stagnate. Both China’s claim to be the one true China.

When the communist party violently overthrew the previous regime, much of the military, government, and loyalist anti-communist population escaped the mainland to the island of Taiwan under the cover of the American forces in the area. Since then the topic of Taiwanese Independence, or existence at all, has been a hot button issue. In China, the matter of fact that Taiwan has been a functioning and independent nation since 1949, is essentially unknown and they still refuse to acknowledge the island’s independent functionality.

A byproduct of the communist propaganda state is that citizens of the PROC are hardly given access to information that could discredit the party. Taiwan, the state of the South China Sea, and tragedies like the Tienanmen square massacre are the type of things that, in China, you are encouraged to (but shouldn’t) take the party’s word for.

It should, of course, be noted that this letterhead was not personally tapped out by either Donald or Ivanka Trump. Today, the White House staff are to blame for our nation’s continuation of seemingly traditional embarrassment.

That isn’t to totally let the Donnie off the hook. The President has not maintained his staff well. The WH has seen massive loyalty problems that have manifest in rampant leaks. As moral declines, Trump has still yet to get to even naming his appointments for smaller, but necessary positions. Though many libertarians obviously are happy with the smallest government possible, this is one of the byproducts of having and overworked, and undermanned, angry staff.

Gavin Hanson

Gavin Hanson

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Gavin Hanson
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