Twitter Pulls Japanese User’s Account For Tweeting About Killing Mosquito

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Written By: Squiggly Line Guy
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Twitter has been known to pull accounts of people who are provocative such as Milo Yiannopoulos. The account of Twitter user @nemuismywife was pulled down by Twitter, though this user is hardly provocative. It leaves some scratching their heads, and others their mosquito bites.

The account has been permanently banned, and according to Japan Today, Twitter has maintained the position that bans are irreversible. This Twitter user has created a new account using the handle @DaydreamMatcha.

Below is a screenshot of the offending Tweet:

The Tweet translates to “Bastard! Where do you get off biting me all over while I’m just trying to relax and watch TV? Die! (Actually you’re already dead)” and was accompanied by a picture of the dead mosquito.

Shortly after, Twitter’s algorithm detected the threat and shut down his account, sending him the following message:

Twitter’s message translates to “Thank you for using Twitter. Your account has been frozen because it was used to send messages containing threats. Tweets containing threats are not allowed under our terms of service. This account cannot be reactivated. Thank you for your understanding. -Twitter

The Twitter handle shows as being suspended, as a trophy example to all who would kill a mosquito. Well done, Twitter.

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