Video: Girl Jumps Out Of Moving Car To Make It Look Like Her Boyfriend Threw Her Out

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A video going viral shows a man with his drunk girlfriend where the woman throws herself out of the vehicle and immediately asks him, “Why did you throw me out?”

The man was a judge in Dallas named Carlos Cortez, who was arrested on domestic violence charges but was able to be cleared thanks to the cell phone video he took. His girlfriend had claimed that he choked him and threw her out of the car.

Cortez’s lawyers complained that the police did not do a full investigation, which would never have meant the case would have gone to a grand jury. Cortez was cleared of all charges.

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  • Teerexness

    Well “judge”, how do you feel about VAWA now?

  • wakeup

    We need laws to put these lying bitches behind bars for trying to ruin a mans life….this happens every single day in America.

    • ratmand

      malicious prosecution

  • Samuel K. Hood

    We have the laws we just need the police to enforce them on good looking women.

    Specifically: Obstruction of justice, filing a false police report, perjury if she swore an affidavit.

    I sincerely hope they charge her.

    • Mrs. DA

      I hope they charge her … and I hope he files a countersuit to teach that chick …. she does not pass go … she does not collect $200.

  • Ian Sean

    It doesn’t matter. Once you’re charged with any kind of crime against a woman, your reputation is ruined forever. You may as well just go die.

  • James A. Daugherty

    A judge with a 20-something year old call girl. Classic.

  • FG

    I like how he had the presence of mind to start filming when the bitch started hitting herself and smashing her face into the e-brake.
    Funny how they try to twist it around. She actually accused him of deeds that would destroy his career and actually give him serious jail time, while all he did was saying a few harsher words.

    Give me a break – most humans would qualify for having committed the “crime” of “verbal abuse”. THAT IS SO MUCH CRAP!

    The truth of the matter is that she is bat-shit crazy and he did not wish to continue the relationship while she had found the perfect Beta Bux for her Alpha Fux kid. As she is hitting the wall right now – she knew that the judge was her best option and she tried to keep that chump in her stratosphere of destruction. When he rejected her she lashed out.

    VERBAL ABUSE – what is next ABUSIVE EYE-CONTACT? “Officer – that man gave me an abusive look! Arrest him!” Most women are more guilty of verbal abuse than men could ever be with their nagging and emotional destruction of their children especially when they are single moms.
    Dead eyes and fake tits.

    What gets me is his surprise that the “police did not do an investigation” ha ha ha.

    I wonder how many guys he put away on bullshit domestic violence charges as a judge because he was going along with the system.

    • Chantelle

      Wow…you didn’t even bother to direct your woman hate towards the bitch in the video. You made it universal. So as a woman i’ll say that i’m sorry that you think we’re all nagging, emotional wrecks. But you wouldn’t think twice for some pussy would you?

      • Chris Arwef Fitzgerald

        Wait, don’t women do the same shit and claim that all men are the same because they date the same type of ass holes over and over again expecting different results?

  • FG

    The gall of that bitch and the entire system! Her lawyer stated that they were disappointed about the verdict!!

    She should be behind bars for years! Clearly there are hardly any repercussions for women – only gains despite video-evidence.

    The Judge has had his Blue Pill Bubble burst brutally. He made chocolate chip cookies with her son while she was getting drunk on the couch! Jeez – someone should send the guy a copy of Rational Male, before he ever starts having ideas of dating post-wall single mothers who have been hotties in their youth.

    The Blue Pill state is becoming really dangerous for men.

    • KelvinCross

      The pussy pass is still strong in the BLUE PILL-verse. This is why I believe in “equality” but not the version feminists love to proclaim. Equality under the law would simply mean throwing gender bias down the toilet where it belongs and giving women the exact same punishment(s) for their crimes as men do. Just reverse the gender on this particular case and you know the outcome would be vastly different. Either way, the Wall is coming for her shortly and will not show her mercy and then what does she got? (Looks gone, toxic personality … Im guessing a one way ticket to Spinsterville, and lots of lonely nights with aged wine and cats…. WINNING!)

  • KelvinCross

    This gentleman, is why you MGTOW. Give these worthless degenerate whores what they deserve, Spinsterhood. 🙂

  • Bobbi

    Can she be arrested for making false statements and find out what it feels like to be behind bars?

    • KelvinCross

      Unfortunately, thanks be to a white knighting judicial system that is heavily biased in favor of Team Twat, highly unlikely. More often then not, women are simply given far lenient to NO punishment for behaviors that can massively adversely effect a man’s life. (False rape accusations for example…)