We Aren’t So Different: Elephants Team Up to Save Baby [VIDEO]

Written by David Fisher

In a video uploaded last week, a pair of elephants in Grand Park Zoo, Seoul, South Korea teamed up to save a baby elephant from death by drowning. In the short clip, a baby elephant is shown drinking from a pool of water before slipping and falling in. In a frenzy, the adult elephant beside the baby, presumably its mother, attempts a rescue with its trunk.

A bystander elephant rushes over to help and convinces the first elephant to get into the pool before it’s too late. Joined by the second rescuer, the pair of adults hurry into the pool and push the baby to a shallow area where it can breath again. More elephants can be seen in the background, freaking out, while the two heroes at the scene save the day.

This is further proof that animals have souls and aren’t so different than humans on the inside. Watch below: